Artist who enjoys drawing in a sexier version of the traditional Disney and Dragonball art styles. I also edit Disney screencaps. My main inspirations are Inusen and Dangan Minorz.


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Posted by BedAxe - April 15th, 2019

Hey, there. I'm new to NG. The last time I was here, it felt like NG was on the way out, but after realizing my very first explicit lewd picture wouldn't be allowed on DA, I remembered that there's a better place than Pixiv if I want to reach an english-speaking audience. Is this place as full of weirdo's who never passed a writing class in their life as DA is?

I go by BedAxe, referencing one of the family card games played by Strong Bad at a sleepover at Homestar Runner's house in SBEmail #180 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIQ28YMDlM0). At first, it was just a place to hide my more NSFW art from friends who'd know my previous name (when I still minded that) but now I prefer it over anything else.

My main artistic interests are in traditional Disney animation and a lewd interpretation of the classic Toriyama art style. Seeing the Disney-related work of Inusen that so closely resembles the real deal was what got me into editing screencaps of classic Disney movies, the best of which are up here. From there, I ended up looking at a lot of his sketch dumps and being "inspired" to emulate his work [trace it]. I feel the same way toward the Mrs. Briefs-related art of Dangan Minorz (nobody draws her, so to see what he did of her was just incredible and got me into drawing with a sexier Dragonball style). Now, I'm working hard to improve my skills and not rely so much on tracing to get proportions correct. Most of the time, I'm only using pics as references now.

These days, I'm more interested in drawing than editing, but every now and then an idea crops up that I feel good about.

I'm not accepting commissions (not that I think I'm good enough to do them) because I don't want to turn a hobby I enjoy into a job I'll resent, at least while I'm not yet good enough at it to crank out a commission in any reasonable amount of time. I don't wanna be stuck with something that's gonna take 3 weeks of work an hour or so every night if I don't feel passionate about it because it's some weirdo's icky Sonic OC.

Hopefully you enjoy what you see here! Feel free to leave requests of characters to draw or screencaps to edit. If the latter, please provide a link, along with a detailed description of desired changes. Screencaps can be found at animationsreencaps.com.


Hey glad to have ya. Wait things can be to explicit for DA? I swear I have seen just straight up porn there before so is weird but wouldn't be inconceivable.

Apparently. Got a bunch of comments about it on my latest piece so I provided a link to Pixiv instead. A few of my friends told me Newgrounds would be better, or FA if I got into drawing furries (not quite there yet).

Glad you are here. Much more convenient to have your art here. I still do enjoy the tweets you make on twitter.